November 18th is National Adoption Day!  Although its seems like everyday is National Something day- I can’t let National Adoption Day pass without a post.

Now that Ashling has settled 100% into O’Cathain life, I actually don’t think about adoption on a day-to-day basis because I am too consumed with life! But every few days, I have to smile and think what adoption has meant to our family.

I imagine, like many people, I always thought adoption was wonderful but never really thought about it in my world. I just assumed Domhnall and I would “pop” out 4 kiddos and that would be life. I remember when I was having trouble getting pregnant with Keira Domhnall mentioned adoption. I remember being excited about the idea but not knowing where to start. Between our 3rd and 4th round of IVF we went to an Adoption Seminar at an agency in New York. We left the meeting excited but overwhelmed as we learned about the long waiting lists for US babies and about the doors closing for many international adoptions due to changing political climates.

We got pregnant with Keira shortly thereafter but, after that meeting we knew that at least one of our children would be adopted.Adoption is not easy. Adoption is beyond expensive, full of unknowns, can be heartbreaking (we will never forgot our girl in Haiti) but at the same time it’s amazing in the most life- changing way.

I can’t comprehend the fact that we could have missed having Connor or Ashling in our family. I can’t thank their birth parents enough for giving us the chance to be their parents. I cant wait to bring them back as teenagers to China to see where they are from and reunite with their orphanages and their caregivers.

I recently provided an update on Connor (can’t believe it’s been 5 years) to the American organization Love Without Boundaries that supported him. Hard to believe a little boy with failure to thrive, low muscle tone and a cleft lip/palate is now a competitive gymnast, a smart 1st grader, and more importantly, a very loved son and brother.

It’s hard to believe Ashling who had only been outside of the 2 rooms in her orphanage a few times is now an almost 5-year old social pre-K student, who has been on numerous plane rides, been to the beach, and playgrounds, plays soccer, rides a bike and, most importantly ,an adored daughter and sister.

And Keira… it’s hard to imagine how different her life would have been like without Connor and Ashling in it. They have helped make her the very smart, very caring, ery grown-up and very sweet girl she is today whom everyone adores.

So yes- I am thankful for adoption and will celebrate National Adoption Day (and only 11 more months to National Taco Day)!


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