Surgery Done!


What a day! Ashling has surgery today to untether her spinal cord and to remove her sinus track that was open to the spine. Surgery was a success and she is resting comfortably in the PICU now. The next few days will be a challenge as she has to lay flat on her back.

We are so thankful for the surgeons today. If you look above you can see that Ashling spinal cord ends around L4 because it’s attached and pulled down at the bottom. Her spinal cord (and everyone else’s) should end at L1.  Today, the surgeons released it and it sprung back to L1. They also removed a sinus track that was completely open and attached to her spine. It’s amazing she has had no symptoms of anything.

The recovery is a little tough but the prognosis is in 2 weeks from now she will be running around and as though her spinal cord was never attached.

She truly is an amazing miracle child! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️




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