Blog update and lots of medical stuff.

I recently read an update on one of our travel family’s blog. It reminded me that it is time to update this blog! Sorry!  It’s hard to believe Ashling has been home over 5 months.

We had such an amazing summer! A summer of fun- between cousins from Ireland, friends and a very long vacation to Nantucket- we were very lucky and thankful!

We have been back to real life for a month now.  Thankfully, it’s going smoothly. Keira and Connor are happy to be back in 2nd and 1st grade and loving their millions of activities. Ashling loves Pre-K and is a learning a ton! Every morning, she is super excited to be at school  and comes home talking about her new friends. She has settled in 100%. She is speaking really well, playing soccer, making friends and doing everything a happy 4 year old should do! She is very loving and a total ham. She is the actress in the family.

But this month reminds us that we adopted this beautiful little girl from a special needs program. I have truly hesitated on what to share and not to share about her special needs as its her story –not mine to share. … We have seen to a bunch of doctors and Ashling has had more testing that most people ever will have. The verdict is she is 100% healthy (which is beyond amazing) but has a tethered spinal cord and a sinus track opening to her spine.  If she continued to grow without fixing this, she would likely have serious neurological, orthopedic and urinary problems down the road.  Amazingly, she does not have any of them now.

So here we go. One week from today we check into Hackensack University Medical Center for neuro surgery where they will remove her sinus track to the spine,  remove her myelmonegocele and untether her spinal cord. We have a great team during the surgery and thankfully her prognosis is that once this is complete, she will be back to herself with no chance of developing the conditions I mentioned.

So here we go…. She should be in the ICU for 3 days and then the regular hospital for a few more and then a few weeks on the couch…. Ill make sure to update once we are done with this and Ashling is back to her smiley self!

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