Keira and Connor are done with 1st grade and Kindergarten and ready for summer! Ashling is very excited to have them home!

I can’t believe we only adopted Ashling 2 months ago! Ashling continues to do really well. She is picking up English so quickly and is just a happy, funny, out-going and smart child.

However, the more comfortable she gets at home, the more she is testing boundaries. Big picture this is terrific but day-to-day the temper tantrums when we say “no” can be very challenging. I don’t think anyone ever said NO to her before and I also think she gets frustrated (understandably) with the language.  The temper tantrums are pretty rough but thankfully she spends the majority of the day happy, loving and having fun!.

She also hates the daycare at the gym and refuses to go. It’s funny because she is fine with our babysitters. The gym daycare looks a lot like the room she was in at the orphanage and we think it must remind her of it.

So far,  all of her medical appointments have gone great but we wont  know too much until her sedated MRI in a few weeks. I am anxious to get the MRI done so we know what we are dealing it.

Going to Boston this weekend and excited to see one of the families we adopted with on Sunday!  Although it’s great to be home, there are days where I miss the excitement and hotels in China 🙂




Hard to believe it’s June and we have been home well over a month now.  Things continue to go amazingly!  It’s been shockingly how well Ashling has adjusted although the more comfortable she gets the more she is starting to test/learn boundaries. She loves saying “nope” but hates hearing it.

We managed a surprise family trip to North Carolina for Memorial Day, several nights out with sitters and lots of things we never imagined we would be doing at this point.

Langauge is still a bit of a struggle at times but she is picking it up so quickly. She has started to show an interest in books and tv- both should help. We found a school for her for September and I think it’s a great fit (besides the 7:30 start time!).

Tomorrow starts her medical appointments. I have to admit I am nervous for them. When we booked them before we went to china- June seemed so far away. Now it’s here. It’s clear Nana is developmentally and physically on or above target but we just don’t know what’s going on and whether she has spinal bifida or not. Tomorrow we start to learn a lot more.

I have gotten such amaing feedback on the blog that I am going to try to keep it going for  bit longer- especially during the medical appointments.

And the best news is that–Sami is home!