Getting into the swing of things


Last week was a blur of jet lag, no sleep, friends and family visiting and getting caught up at work. I don’t know where the week went. Capped off by a great 50th birthday party for Tricia- which Ashling did amazing at.

This is our first real week back. The kids are back to school, I am working reduced hours and Ashling is settling in. Overall she is doing us doing better that we could ever had expected. I haven’t had much to post because it feels like she has always been here. She really fits right in. I am still getting used to everyone’s schedules but that has more to do with having three active busy kids than Ashling herself. She is just such a happy smiley girl who is loving everything- as long as I don’t say no too often 🙂

We had our first doc appointment is week and are starting the process of getting all the referrals we need. I am anxious for the neurology appointment and still hoping we can get it before June.

In the meantim, I am upping my Chinese cooking skills 🙂