We are happy to be home! The trip home was long! 26 hours long but uneventful. Kiddos we’re  all amazing and played in their iPads, watched tv and slept.  We were met at the airport by my sister Tricia and her family and that was so great.

Jet lag has been tough and we are all exhausted and waking up way too early. I am beyond exhausted today and feel a little in a daze.

Ashling is a rock star. She is is adjusting so well to the overwhelming changes being thrown at her: we planned a low- key weekend but have had a bunch of visitors and she has done really well. Can’t thank everyone enough who stopped by! We have been feeling very lucky with all the friends and family who stopped by and all the generosity ( can’t wait for the massage-  thanks Mary!) Really looking forward to seeing everyone else!! The picture on the right is me showing Ashling her new room. She seems to really like it so far and is sleeping in her bed….although getting up super early.

She loved meeting grandma and grandpa today and got her first American girl doll! She has done ok with “American kids  food” so far- liked pizza, loved strawberries, hated bagels and mac and cheese but I have been happy to make her Asian noodles and rice.

The one hiccup (and it’s a small one) has been Ashling’s extreme dislike of our dog Madra and it’s extreme but I am sure it will pass.

Overall things continue to be going really well.

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