How did we get so lucky?

“How did we get so lucky?” seems to be our favorite phrase. Today was another memorable day but I think the highlight was  the hour long dance party in our room tonight (way tooo late). Ashling is incredible!

Today was packed! We joined friends at a local park which has lots of rides. The kids loved them and Keira scared me on a ride she was tall enough for but probably not old enough for.

The reason I included the pic of Ashling as a mess above is because it makes sure me happy.  She has skinned knees from playing with her siblings, she is wearing Keira’s dress because her clothes got dirty at the amusement park, and she has ice cream dripping all over her because she wanted it. All so different than her life in two rooms and she loves it!!

Afterwards, we hit the jade and pearl wholesale markets with a guide (thanks Catherine for the reccomendation) and purchased a piece of jade for our home and some beautiful jewlwey for me and for the kiddos when they get older. Just when we were about to pay for three “wedding quality” sets, I said we better throw in a fourth – just in case. LOL. I cant believe the pieces we got!!

Ended the night at the Hotel lounge for dinner and drinks. Ashling had. some day today –  in a huge thunderstorm and loved every minute of it. So many firsts!

Can’tIMG_0088 believe tomorrow’s is our last day here. I am going to miss China ( and hotel life) so much but can’t wait to introduce Ashling to her real life,





3 thoughts on “How did we get so lucky?

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to see her a dirty, wet, icecreamy mess! To think this girl hadn’t set foot outside and now look at her! Go Na Na!! I’m cheering for you sweet girl. I dream of the day Baohua can safely go to an amusement park and walk on a wet path without falling.


  2. Love this! I’m glad someone enjoyed the monsoon, we (mostly me) ended up having a major meltdown! Lol loved doing this part of life with you and your fam!! We will miss you guys and our adventures! Can’t wait to reconnect and see how far our china babies have come!! Hugs!!!


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