Final Stretch

We have been away 2 weeks now but it feels like a lot longer because of all the experiences (and Ashling!) over the last 2 weeks.

This morning/early afternoon were filled with an uneventful consulate appointment. Lesson learned is don’t open the brown envelope before immigration or we are coming back!  After a long morning, we had an easy afternoon before heading on the Pearl River Boat cruise. The weather has been bad this week (rainy and humid) but despite the fog and mist we braved the weather for a fun boat trip. Guangzhou is such a huge city (16 million) and so lit up (think Vegas) that’s its fun to look at the building. We learned a 3 bedroom apartment on the river costs about $4 million US dollars which is shocking considering we had a feast (with beer) for lunch at an upscale restaurant for $25. The kids had a great time with their new friends… Ashling had another great day and is just all smiles and laughs.

Adoption wise we are done! All the kidddos in our group passed the TB test (thankfully otherwise its a 8 week stay in China for their parents) and now we just wait for the visa to be issued and enjoy a few free days of sight seeing.  Can’t believe we are in the final stretch…. going to miss this place.

Tomorrow I plan on doing some major shopping 🙂

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