Great Day!!

Today was a great day! We went to Chgimelong Safari  Park today with our group. The Park is really fun because you can get really close to the animals. Highlights were the tigers, feeding the giraffes, seeing the pandas and the 4-d movie (well not for Ashling-Disney may have to wait!). It was a humid day and our guide pushed us along at a ridiculous pace but the kids were troopers and had a blast!

Other than a well-deserved meltdown at dinosaur land (they were scary) Ashling was at her best today! She was 100% Ms. Ashling today chatting up a storm and loving the animals. Her favorite phrase is “Mama look at this.” She is amazed by everything. We are so blown away by our new daughter…

The night ended with an impromptu trip to the pool that turned into the adults hanging out with wine while the kids got a really long swim in. The weather was perfect and it was a great way to relax. The hotel pool is beautiful and the girls (Keira and some friends from the trip) wanted to check out the big indoor hot tub so I took them. Much to our shock, the women in the hot tub were naked. They were not expecting a bunch of kids. Just when I thought it could not get worse with shreiking 6 years old girls, the boys decided to barge in. Let’s just say, we had a good laugh and almost got thrown out of the pool 🙂

A great vacation day and 3 amazing kiddos! Tomorrow, we return back to adoption world with an early morning appointment at the US Consulate for a visa for Ashling and an oath taking ceremony. Ashling will become a US citizen upon entry into the US so we need to take care of the endless paperwork here.

We cant believe how quickly this trip is going by and are really looking forward to the rest of the week!

2 thoughts on “Great Day!!

  1. Loving this blog! Truly amazed at the stregth you and your family have!! Ashling/Nana is so lucky to have found such a beautiful family! What a tremendous experience, not only for you and Dom, but for Connor and Keira. Additional kudos for taking the time to write it all down!😘


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