Shamian Island and Ms. Ashling

Today was a free day so, this morning, we went to Shamian Island with two other families. The Island is a historical location in Guangzhou.  It’s famous for its sculptures and is overall a pleasant place to spend a few hours.  And yes I am totally loving twin dressing  Keira and Ashling 🙂

We spent the afternoon hanging around the hotel room before having an easy dinner and letting the kids play at the indoor playground. The hotel here has a great lounge that is well worth the $ because it offers endless snacks and wine  and a chance for the kids to play without having to sit at another restaurant. Eating 3 meals out for 2+ weeks is hard on the kiddos ( and even harder on the parents!).

Ashling is doing wonderfully but she is a very different kid outside versus in the comfort of our hotel room. In our hotel room, she is bubbly, mischievous, loud, loving and starting to repeat our English words.  She has started calling herself Ashling-Nana and it is so cute. This side of her comes out sometimes when we are out but more often than not – in the last few days – she has been withdrawn and stubborn when we are with her in busy places. (Those of you traveling with us know what I am talking about!). Othertimes, she is 100% Ms. Ashling and makes everyone smile.

It is all normal and, while it is frustrating at times, I have to remind myself that she has only been with us a week and she is doing wonderfully and fits in perfectly with our family.

Tomorrow is the safari park and we are so excited for it!!

One thought on “Shamian Island and Ms. Ashling

  1. You are doing awesome Francesca. Just remember all of us moms get super frustrated. I’m here for you whenever you need an ear to listen 💗


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