China Special Needs

Yesterday was a real travel day. Our 11 am flight did not leave until 7 pm due to severe weather in Guangzhou. (better than another flight delayed due to “military activity”). All the kiddos were amazing but we didn’t get to our room in Guangzhou to 1 am and it was a really long day.

I was going to blog yesterday about our new way of ordereing food–Google translator and asking them to Order for us and how shockingly well it worked out (so far…) but I was just too tired last night. Or how the reastuarnt videoed us eating lunch….

We have arrived in Guangzhou. We have a fun week ahead and I know its going to fly by too quickly. The weather was great today and although it is rainy season we are hoping the sun sneaks out everyday.

Today was Ashling’s medical appointment for her exits visit. As some of you may know, both Connor and Ashling have been adopted through a program called China Special Needs. There is a huge range of special needs available and the wait to adopt often depends on what special needs the adopting parents are open to. China allows children to get exit permits much faster with special needs, making the process much quicker and much more stabile. It’s an amazing program.

Connor was born with a cleft lip/palate and general small height/weight (now he’s 60% for height and 80% for weight…)  This time around we assumed we would be doing a cleft lip/palate again.  However, Ashling’s special need is completely different. I have been quiet about it because we just don’t have an understanding of it. She has a spinal issue that may be a fluid mass at birth or maybe a form of spinal bifida or something else. We won’t know until we get an MRI done and an evaluation by a neurologist, but whatever it is, we are ready for it.  She clearly is a smart, extremely active and potty trained little girl. We truly take for granted the medical care we have available to us!

The appointment today if often considered a hard day (and it was) because it involves the children being seen by many different doctors in a room of chaos. It ends with the children being taken from their new parents into a separate room to get blood tests done. It’s rough for everyone.

However it also amazing to see the beautiful children being given a new opportunity and the range of the special needs of the children joining their new families. There was a beautiful child with down syndrome joining a family who had a bunch of grown children. Truly heart warming.

Meanwhile our 5+ hotel has a Starbucks and is next to a McDonalds and you can imagine both Keira’s and my excitements-for very different reasons!

3 thoughts on “China Special Needs

  1. Your blog is heartbreaking and heartwarming—best of luck this week and then travel safely back. What an amazing journey.


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