Vacation Day and Grieving

People are telling me that they are loving this blog so I am going to keep it going for this trip- but if you are losing interest no worries!

Today felt like a vacation day. Our group decided to rent a bus and go to Jinci temple outside the city. It was founded 1400 years ago. Since it was winter our last trip here, we didn’t get the option of going. Although it was a rainy day- the temple and park were so beautiful.

We spent the afternoon having an amazing lunch at the hotel, swimming (Ashling went in the pool), and I even made it to the gym. Our guide took us to a local Chinese restaurant for dinner and we had another delicious meal of Taiyuan noodles.

Today felt like a vacation day and Ashling did great! She was all giggles and smiles! BUT tonight was a different story. She was so sad again after dinner. Little tears rolling down her face for an hour. We know this is healthy but it’s so hard to watch.

Tomorrow is a big day! The government generally does not allow adopting parents to visit the orphanages so we just assumed we would not see Ashling’s; however, they requested that we go tomorrow. We are so thankful we will get to see where Ashling lived for 4 years but a little nervous over what to expect. Ashling seems to have very mixed feelings about going and seeing her friends. Our guide has explained it in detail to her and when asked she said she wanted to go show it to us. So here we go!



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