Ashling “Nana” O’Cathain


I don’t really know how to describe today in a blog post. It was amazing, surreal and better then expected. Today, we met and fell in love with our daughter Ashling “nana” and we also brought Connor back to the same room we adopted him from 4 years ago.

After waiting at the Office of Civil Affairs for an hour, we saw Ashling and her friend getting out of a van. There were several adoptions going on in the small room so it was chaotic and Ashling got very quiet and stayed that way for several hours before showing us her huge personality.

We are shocked how much of her personality came out today. She is funny, extremely funny, smart, social and a bit of a troublemaker. As smooth as today was, there is also some pretty intense grieving going on. She sobbed during nap time and bedtime and was clearly scared going to bed. She won’t let go of her new belongings- in fact is currently sleeping in her sparkly pink shoes and new emoji bracelets.  She adores Keira and holds her hand and hugs her nonstop but won’t hug or play with Connor. It’s been a tough day for Connor and I am SO proud of him for making the best of it. He is our official photographer and takes 1000 of pictures of her.

Overall an amazing day! She fits in perfectly with our family. She is really tall for her age, very easy going, very social and loves to laugh.

Today we are all feeling very thankful. We go back tomorrow to officially adopt her 🙂 Although she came home with us today there’s is an 24 hour waiting period. The only new information we got on her today was that everyone loved her at her orphanage, called her Nana, and that she was going to be very missed.





One thought on “Ashling “Nana” O’Cathain

  1. I let the LWB people who knew Connor when he was in our FC program know y’all are in China adopting!!! Hopefully they will let his foster family know.


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