Happy Easter from Taiyuan China and yes the Easter bunny found Keira and Connor 🙂

Today we took a bumpy flight from Beijing to Taiyuan. We adopted Connor from Taiyuan so we have been here before. Taiyuan is coal mining world. It has the same thick smog over it and intense coal smell as it did 5 years ago. However, this time, we are staying at a 5 star hotel in a very luxury area. It’s crazy to be in a street with Gucci and Lamborghini stores knowing what the rest if the city is like. We are excited to go explore the rest of the week and revisit some of the parks.

Tomorrow morning we get Ashling. No words to describe how excited we all are.  Just hoping and hoping for a relatively smooth transition for her. Her whole world changes tomorrow. Can’t help but think this is her last night without a family and our last night without her as our daughter/sister.



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