A lot of people have been asking me (which I love) about the schedule for our trip and why we are in China for 2 1/2 weeks. So here it is! It’s a shorter trip than we expected but since we are bringing the whole crew- it’s probably a good thing!

-Wed April 12- we fly to Beijing tomorrow and are in Beijing until Sunday. We are going to do some site-seeing (Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, etc) with our agency and recover from jet lag (12 hours!!!) before we meet Ashling.

-Easter Sunday we fly to Taiyuan (about 1 hour flight). Taiyuan is the capital of Shanxi Provence where both Ashling and Connor are from.  Its a city of 5 million and the main manufacturing city in China.  We did not request another child from Shanxi Provence so its amazing and really cool that they are from the same place. I am anxious to see the city in the spring because last time we were there was January and freezing.

-On Monday April 17th we go to the Office of Civil Affairs and get Ashling!!!!!!!!

-On Tuesday April 18th we formally adopt Ashling.

-Tuesday-Friday we remain in Taiyuan while we wait for the adoption documents and Ashling’s passport to be issues. Lots of free time to get to know Ashling and explore the city!

-Friday April 21st we fly to Guangzhou. Its about a 4 hour flight!  If you look at the map Guangzhou is extremely South . It is just above Hong Kong.  It is a beautiful city of 13 million people. Its where the US Consulate is located and therefore every adopting family is required to go there. We will meet back up with our agency and group in Guangzhou! During the downtime our agency plans fun activities!

-Saturday  is Ashling medical appointment for her exit visa from China. I remember this was a tough day and am hoping this time around it’s easier.

-Tuesday is Ashling’s visa appointment and oath taking ceremony at the US consulate.

-Thursday April 27th Ashling’s visa should be ready at the Consulate

-Friday April 28-we headed home. Guangzhou to Beijing- Bejing to Newark. About 22 hours all in! That’s going to be a long day!


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