Ashling Update and Packing

Ashling April

One week from today we meet this little girl and she becomes our daughter and K and C’s little sister. We got our first update since December today! I am shocked over how big she looks in this picture. She is so adorable and so beautiful but also so big and grown-up! Cant wait to give her the biggest hug ever.

We got a great update on her. She loves rice and noodles and snacks. Sounds like brother! She hates everything spicy-sounds like her sister!  She is still sleeping in a crib and likes everything to be really quiet (this should be interesting). She loves to play with her friends and loves music, Legos and dolls.

Packing for this trip is crazy because the K and C are only allowed 22 pds of luggage each and we are only allowed 44 pds and nothing for Ashling.  We are flying numerous Chinese airlines and they have much sticker luggage rules than US airlines.  Thankfully the weather is warm which makes it  a lot easier.  Last time we were packing for a range of 0-60 degrees which was near impossible. This time is more like 65-85 which makes it easier. The hardest part is convincing Keira she cant bring 22 pds of dolls alone.  I gave her a large ziplock to fill with barbies and she was like ” I need atleast ten more.” Lol!

I assumed Ashling was going to be small for her age since Connor was tiny. She just turned 4 so I brought her a mix of 3ts and 4ts. Well based on the measurements we just received she is already a 5t!  She clearly is an O’Cathain already!

My to-do list for tomorrow is CRAZY but it will all get done! Cant wait to get to China!


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