I have a blog….

When we adopted Connor in 2013, Facebook was blocked in China so I updated a shutterfly blog every night in China to keep everyone updated on the adoption.   I still have access to the blog and love having it.

Everyone keeps asking me if I am blogging this time round. Well…. I actually have kept a blog for a few years now but kept it quiet.

This time around, we are being told Facebook (with a VPN number) may work in China. Anyone that knows me knows I love to post on FB but I am going to still try to update my blog while away.

I have been keeping this blog since we started the adoption process but I have not told anyone about it. I was pretty much just keeping it for my records. I have been a little nervous about mentioning this blog to anyone because it references and links to our Haiti blog and what we went through there. But it’s China time now-so here goes!!!!

When we started the adoption process from Haiti three years (which clearly that adoption did not work out) I started a blog for myself. One day I noticed that I had over 5000 hits on the blog! Turned out that if you googled “Haiti adoption” it came up on the first page. LOL. I was shocked because I thought I was writing it just for me 🙂

So welcome to my blog! Sorry for all the typos, etc. It was just meant to be a blog for me. I am planning on updating it in China so stay tuned and watch this adventure unfold.

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