One week from now we will be on a plane to Beijing!   I cant believe we are so close to finally getting Ashling and bringing her home. We have been crazy booking the flights/hotels/etc, (5 flights  x 5 people = 25 tickets purchased!), getting everything we need for 2.5 weeks in China, getting basic stuff Ashling needs, getting ready at work, etc.  However, as crazy as this week is for us my focus really has been on what Ashling is going to go through.

Our agency has prepared us that it may be a difficult transition for Ashling. She is 4.5 and has been at the same orphanage since she was 6 days old. The orphanage, her care givers, her routine, etc,.–they are all she has ever known.  We are about to change everything in one-day–its going to be so scary and traumatic for her. Not to mention she does not speak English and we do not speak Chinese. We are ready for it and are hoping that Keira and  Connor help her week more comfortable right away.

Ashling is 4 but has never been in school so we know she is going to have some institutional delays from lack of early education and lack of “life-experience.” We are really excited to experience a lot of firsts with her! I have a feeling she will catch up to K and C in no time.  We have also been educated on the behavioral issues that are likely to occur-we are ready for them and the unexpected. But of course are hoping that she adjusts well.

One week countdown is on! Cant wait to finally meet Ashling and bring her home so she can join K and C!  (And just a cute picture of K and C from this weekend!)

k and C april 2017

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