TA and 2 week Countdown


WE HAVE TA!  We received TA last week and have been busy planning our trip since then. Our flights are booked, itinerary finalized and now its time to start thinking of what we need to pack and bring!! I honestly cant believe we are at this stage!

We had another AMAZING and CRAZY March! Work trips to Arizona for both Domhnall and me.  An amazing St. Paddy’s Day party and a trip to Cancun! Basically March flew by and now I am in crunch time getting everything ready for Ashling and the trip to China.

We are pretty prepared and ready for the delays and behavioral issues that are to be expected. However, I feel pretty unprepared for the language issues we will face. I have downloaded a translating app on my phone and ordered a ton of flashcards. Otherwise I guess we will just play it by-ear.

2 week countdown is on!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to meet Ashling on April 17th!!!!




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