We got our 800-approval!!!!!!! A few weeks ago I thought this would be delayed months but thanks to some very helpful people and a lot of phone calls-we got it! Ashling we are coming for you 🙂

International adoption is not for those who hate paperwork. The moment the I-800 came— a letter from my agency came with the next set up paperwork to complete. We are now waiting for our NVC letter. Once we have the NVC letter we can apply for the USCIS form DS-260 which will allow us to get our Article 5. We are hoping for Article 5 by mid-March. Once we have Article 5-we can ask the CCCWA for travel approval (TA)!  Once we have travel approval we can book our tickets.

Our timeframe is still very tight and looks like we will be booking our tickets just a few weeks before we leave!

In the meantime we have to apply for Visas for the 4 of us to go to China. I remember the paperwork is intense for the visas but I am ready to start getting it done.

We will be travelling to Guangzhou during the Trade Show so it will make travel significantly more expensive for that week.  Nevertheless I cant wait to start planning the travel portion of the trip!

O’Cathains Go to China!

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