Because Sometimes You Have to Laugh…


Snapchat of me calling everyone at I can think if to beg them to help me 🙂

Today has been a very frustrating day in our adoption world. Long story short is that our federal fingerprints expired and our I-800 cant be issued until they are refreshed and they are running months and months behind.

We had been told that we might make the March travel date but would definitely make the April travel date.  We have planned everything school/work/travel, etc. around the April travel date. Today we learned because of red tape it likely wont be April and may be months and months after that.

I am tired of things going wrong with this adoption. I am sad because yesterdays was Nora’s birthday and well we lost her because we couldn’t bring her home in time. So its painful to have delays here in bringing Ashling home.

On a selfish side we are all ready to go in April and well moving it to a later date creates it own set of problems. So for now I will just keep calling everyone and hoping we can get her home in April.


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