We got our NVC letter Friday and now are waiting for Article 5 and then TA. Just got an email from my agency stating ” there is nothing else you need to do at this point.” That was amazing news to here. Now we sit back and weight. I cannot wait to start booking flights and making travel plans. We should be able to do this when we have TA (about 3 weeks from now!).



Visa Applications



We are getting closer to bringing Ashling  home! We are waiting for the NVC letter now. We are on a tight schedule for April travel so fingers crossed everything keeps moving along!

We applied for our visas’s to travel to China today! Wow! What a process. Its pretty overwhelming all the paperwork needed–especially for Connor since he was born in Chin and originally had a Chinese passport. Fingers crossed that we got everything right on the first shot!  We have plenty of time before travel but need our passports back from the Consulate in time for our March trip to Cancun….

March is always a crazy busy month for us and this month is no-exception. Kicks off with us hosting Wally and Lindays’ engagement party this weekend. Followed by Domhnall work trip to Arizona, our St. Patrick’s Day  Blowout Party, my work trip to Arizona,  work/family trip to Cancun!  Lots of travel and fun–just need to sneak some time in to get the room ready for Ashling :):)



We got our 800-approval!!!!!!! A few weeks ago I thought this would be delayed months but thanks to some very helpful people and a lot of phone calls-we got it! Ashling we are coming for you 🙂

International adoption is not for those who hate paperwork. The moment the I-800 came— a letter from my agency came with the next set up paperwork to complete. We are now waiting for our NVC letter. Once we have the NVC letter we can apply for the USCIS form DS-260 which will allow us to get our Article 5. We are hoping for Article 5 by mid-March. Once we have Article 5-we can ask the CCCWA for travel approval (TA)!  Once we have travel approval we can book our tickets.

Our timeframe is still very tight and looks like we will be booking our tickets just a few weeks before we leave!

In the meantime we have to apply for Visas for the 4 of us to go to China. I remember the paperwork is intense for the visas but I am ready to start getting it done.

We will be travelling to Guangzhou during the Trade Show so it will make travel significantly more expensive for that week.  Nevertheless I cant wait to start planning the travel portion of the trip!

O’Cathains Go to China!

Because Sometimes You Have to Laugh…


Snapchat of me calling everyone at I can think if to beg them to help me 🙂

Today has been a very frustrating day in our adoption world. Long story short is that our federal fingerprints expired and our I-800 cant be issued until they are refreshed and they are running months and months behind.

We had been told that we might make the March travel date but would definitely make the April travel date.  We have planned everything school/work/travel, etc. around the April travel date. Today we learned because of red tape it likely wont be April and may be months and months after that.

I am tired of things going wrong with this adoption. I am sad because yesterdays was Nora’s birthday and well we lost her because we couldn’t bring her home in time. So its painful to have delays here in bringing Ashling home.

On a selfish side we are all ready to go in April and well moving it to a later date creates it own set of problems. So for now I will just keep calling everyone and hoping we can get her home in April.