Chinese New Year!


Last night we went to China town to celebrate Chinese New Year!! Normally I decorate the house and make a big deal out of it but this year it kind of “snuck-up” on us and we had a  lot going on this weekend. I was away for work and Domhnall an Irish event in the city. So we decided to head to China town (NYC) for dinner Sunday night. We had a great dinner some Tsingtao beers and a fun night.  Extra nice that Wally and Lindsay could join us. Made us excited for being back in China in a few short months (fingers crossed).

We walked around a little after dinner to look at the lights and the kids went into one of the many souvenir shops. Its amazing how much they looks like the ones in China and have the exact same stuff for sale. While we were paying the women working there asked Connor where he was born. When Connor told her “China” she quickly cut the price of the kids loot in half. It was very sweet and Connor was very excited.

We are still waiting for I-800 approval but hoping to have it within the next week. We are still on target for April travel-fingers crossed.

My mom has bought some clothing for Ashling and my friend Amy gave me 3 huge bags of hand-me-downs over the weekend. Not to mention the hand-me-downs I have from Keira. So time to start sorting-Ashling is going to be one well dressed little girl.

Happy New Year!




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