Album on the Way


Yesterday we sent our photo album to China for Ashling! The hope is that it will help her see pictures of mommy, daddy, Keria, Connor, Madra, the house, activities we do, etc. From what I have read orphanages differ greatly on how much they show the kids the books and how much they speak of the adoption. We are hoping that they show her the book and start explaining the process to her.

We know this is going to be a much harder transition than Connor (he was 20 months) but we are so ready for i!!!! Truthfully we cant wait. The wait is really hard this time. We want her home. On one hand we are so busy with life that I don’t think about it as much as with Connor. On the other hand after losing our girl in Haiti during the wait-I feel like I just need to have Ashling in my arms. Everytime I look at the videos (which is often) I just picture her home running around with Keira and Connor.

We had a scare last week with some paperwork issues. I cant wrote about them here but it was a rough 24 hours. Thankfully everything seems to have worked out.  Everyone around me knows what a nervous wreck I was!

Keira picked out bunk beds for her and Ashling over the weekend. She is so excited to get her room redone for her sister.  I hope Ashling likes emojis and sparkles 🙂 I have worked out my time off from work (so thankful) and we have started to think about travel to China and the timing of everything. So exciting!

Hang in there Ashling-we will be there soon baby girl 🙂

Fingers crossed for 1-800 approval soon!


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