I am thrilled to finally announce we have been matched and are LOA on this beautiful four-year old!  I was waiting to post until I felt comfortable with where we were in the process. We cant share much information about her (since this is a public site) other than to say she just turned 4 and is a happy, healthy, beautiful and active little girl. Even more than that–she is our daughter, our sister and already loved!

We received her file on December 6th! I was actually a little bit in the adoption dumps that day. We had decorated for Christmas the night before (Mamo was in town) and had come across some Haiti items we got gotten last Christmas.  It hit me hard and I was feeling a little sad about Haiti and well about how long this adoption as taking.

Well everything changed that afternoon when I missed a call on my cell. When I called back it was our social worker with the news! As I was on the phone, Domhnall walked in from a meeting and we were able to open the file with pictures and videos. It was a pretty amazing moment. There really are no words describe what its like! We both could not believe how beautiful she is. Loved seeing her running around and chatting (in Chinese) a mile a minute.  We were a little shocked that she was almost 4 (turned 4 on 1/2) but quickly realized what a great fit it would be for our family.  We now have a 4, 5, and 6 year old!

The next week was filled with paperwork, talking to international doctors, and well just being excited. We submitted our Letter of Intent right away. Although we had some questions about her special need (since it was new to us) we knew we were saying “yes’ the moment we got her file.


We were shocked when we received our LOA from China a week later! With Connor we waited months for the LOA. Once we got the LOA we were able to apply for our I-800. This is the stage we are at right now.

We are anxiously awaiting our I-800 so we can move to the next step. We are guessing (and really hoping) that we will travel in April to China! Although I know April will be here before I know it and we have so much to do-the waiting is so hard! I just want her safe and sound and home!

Cant wait to bring you home Ashling Siying O’Cathain





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