Waiting is Hard


I thought we would be matched by now. Overall November has been a great month and we are all super excited for the holidays. But the waiting has been really hard. At separate times both Domhnall and I have felt like “this is not going to happen.” We both keep pushing through and believing it will-but it hasn’t been easy!

December marks 3 years since we applied for the Haiti program. 3 years trying to bring another child home. When we switched to China in April 2016 the program was running so quickly-we thought we may have another child home by the end of the year. Well its now almost the end-of-the year and we haven’t even been matched. We have had a lot of communication with our agency (whom we still love) and have reason to believe we should be matched in the next month. However, while I would love to be excited and believe it-we have heard this so many times over the last 3 years its kind of hard to believe.

I have been watching the last of the families we went through the Haiti process with bring their little ones home. Its wonderful to watch but very painful at the same time. We always say the best way we can honor her is to bring another child  home…. We are just hoping that it happens soon. The waiting is really hard.




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