More Waiting

We have been told that we should expect a match very soon! Sometime within the next month.  I know at this point our agency is just waiting to get a referral that fits our requested profile.   Every week we get an email from our agency with spotlight children who need homes. We found Connor on a spotlight email. It was actually the first spotlight email we received after being approved to adopt!

It is so hard to read the email and then delete it-knowing that the children available aren’t the right fit for us. There have been a few children we have discussed but ultimately the age was wrong for us. Its heartbreaking and very surreal.  Their was a little boy we could not get out of our minds but we are approved for a girl and he was inbetween Keira and Connor age wise and well the idea of 3 children within 1 years seemed a little crazy! Thankfully he now has a family.

So now we wait and start getting excited. Hoping for news before Thanksgiving!  We should be travelling in the Spring if everything goes well!

Its been hard to watch the destruction in Haiti from Hurricane Matthew. Thankfully all the kids at the orphanage we were matched out of are ok. However, it still heart-breaking to see and to know their is very little we can go.

Keira and Connor are doing great! Busy as can be with school, activities and playdates!