Our dossier logged into China on August 23rd! We were hoping to have a match prior to logging in but since we have requested a girl we are going to have to wait a little while. Everyone is always shocked to hear the wait in China is a lot longer for girls. The reason is that most families adopting request boys and their are equal number of boys/girls available in the special needs program. Its been so hard to see emails with available boys and :pass on them.” We found Connor on the first email we received after we were eligible to be matched. Their is one boy that both Domhnall and I cant seem to get out of our minds but we are really trying to stick to our plan to get a girl this time for numerous reasons.

The wait is actually 9 months right now from dossier logged in to match for a toddler girl; however, we have been told our wait is a little different as we made a lateral transfer from Haiti program.  We had a conference call with the agency Friday and were told they would expect a match for us within the next 3 months. I really hope they are right but trying to stick with the “it will happen when it happens” mentality as the timeframe have been very unpredictable so far.  Its so hard and exciting knowing that the phone call could come anyday!

Meanwhile everything else is going great. Keira and Connor started school  (1st grade and Kindergarten) and are both are both doing great! Keira is a little impatient with the wait for her sister but we love hearing her talk about her from time-to-time.



Hopefully some major news soon! In the meantime we are  picking an International doctor to review the child’s file and starting to get very excited~



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