Adoption pic 2016

Our dossier is finally ready to go to China!!!! We had a delay because the police department stamped (not signed) our police clearances and I did not catch it. Frustrating but we really trying not to let small delays get to us.

We had to take a bunch of pictures to complete our dossier last night! The pics were fine but it made me pull out the album I made for Connor and look at the pics we sent with his dossier. Keira was so little!

We are still waiting for a match and thought we would have one by now. We are a little bummed because after speaking to our agency it sounds like we are still going to have to wait awhile for a match.  Out timelines is supposed to be expedited because of the Haiti situation but it sounds like it may not be as expedited as we hoped. regardless we are excited knowing that a match should come in the next few months (or hopefully even faster than that).

In other news-we have an amazing 2 week vacation in Ireland and Spain! Just a wonderful family vacation with a ton of amazing experiences! We hoped that we would be back for our little girls’ christening in the spring/summer! We had both Keira and Connor’s baptisms in Ireland and look forward to doing the same for our little girl!

Hopefully my next post will have us logged into China and maybe even a match!


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