Summer Time and Waiting

Cape May

Summer time! We had a wonderful father’s day weekend at the NJ Shore with friends. Perfect weather and a ton of fun!  The last few weeks have been crazy busy-including a big 6th birthday party for Keira at our house!

We have such great summer plans!  I cant believe its already mid-June but looking forward to the next month hanging around the pool and bbqing with friends before our big Ireland trip in late July/early August!

I was hoping to be DTC in the next few weeks but it looks like its going to take a little longer. Our dossier went to the State to be Certified on June 3rd and they staid to expect about a month. After that it goes to the US Embassy in DC and that should take another few weeks. Fingers crossed that we are DTC by the end of July!

We are on the list for a match and hoping to get a match sometime this summer!!! So exciting to think in the next few months we may know who are little girl is!

When we adopted China we met the most wonderful family who was there adopting their son-Henry. We became fast friends and we were so thankful to go through the process with them. They had their 3 older children with them-who were amazing with Keira and Connor. We often talk about how its going to be a different experience without them there. Who are we going to have our end of night drink with! Well they were in town this weekend and we got to see them! It was amazing to see how much everyone had grown in the last 4 years!

Speaking of travel, with all the excitement, is also knowing the cost of the trip is coming upon us! Adoption is very expensive and we while we have planned for it-we also know the cost of 5 of us in China for 3+ weeks is huge! So time to start planning!


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