I-800a Approval!!!

We got back from a wonderful Disney trip last night to find our I-800a approval waiting for us! I knew it was going to be fast but was shocked how fast it was! This is a huge step! Normally this takes months but since we already had I-800a approval for Haiti transferring it was very quick!

So now Holt has our dossier and our I-800a approval! We are now waiting for everything be to sent to NJ to certified and than the Chinese embassy in Washington DC to be authenticated. I am hoping this can happen within the next month but not 100% sure what the timeframe is.

We were Dossier to China in mid-July with Connor and I am hoping we will be Dossier to China around the same time this time. Crazy!  We are actually on the matching list already and hoping we get a match very soon-although we cant start the LOI wait until we are logged into China.  This is bringing back so many memories from Connor.

We had an awesome trip to Disney-an amazing few days! We managed to do a ton in the 2+ days we were there and the kids had the best time ever!

Disney 2016

When we left they were a buzz talking about bringing their sister back. Every once in awhile they will each mention their sister out of the blue and I love when they do! We were throwing pennies into Its A Small World and out of nowhere Connor said he wished his sister would come home soon.

Well today was a big step forward. Now fingers crossed that we get a match soon!





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