Today was a big milestone in the adoption paperchase and it happened really fast thanks to our great team at Holt. We sent our updated homestudy to the  Department of Homeland Security for approval. Normally this takes 2-3 months but since we already have approval and our just changing the country-we are expecting it to take 2 weeks.

We are almost done with the dossier and hoping to get it to HOLT by next Wednesday so they can review it. We just have a few items left on the list. Once HOLT approves the dossier and once we receive our 797 immigration approval-everything can be sent off to be certified and authenticated.  I am hoping to be sending everything off by early June. If we continue at this pace we may be dossier to China by mid-July!  Its amazing how our timeline is following Connor’s pretty closely as we were dossier in China by mid-July  with him too.  Of course I am sure their will be a few bumps along the road and trying hard not to get attached to these dates.

Speaking of Connor-hard to believe the little guy got registered for Kindergarten on Tuesday! Still cant believe that he is going to start kindergarten! He is so ready to start. I also cant believe how much easier life will be next year having them in the same school for a few months before our little girl comes home!

So today was one step closer to bringing our little girl home!


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