Big Sister/Big Brother

Adoption sheet

(Keira’s school homework from April 2016 that surprised us)

For a million reasons we never told the children about Haiti. We told Keira about Connor when we were matched but she was 2 years old-so she only partially understood it.

This time we decided to tell the kids were adopting again and to make them part of the experience! We decided for a couple reasons but mostly because we wanted them to share in our excitement and also because they are really smart and know what’s going on in the  house.

We went to Boston a few weeks ago and in the car decided to tell them. Keira was grinning ear to ear and just so sweet. She had a lot of questions and some demands (i.e. that her sister not be in diapers and that she share her room). It was wonderful. She asks something about her sister on a daily basis and truly cant wait to see her picture. She really understands the process but is still adamant that her sister not be in diapers. She also wants to name her sister-only-problem is her name choices are quite unusual 🙂

Connor was excited but his practical side came out. He wanted to know when we were getting a car seat, a bed, and whether he could paint her room. He was so concerned about all we have to get done. Overall he was super excited although concerned about the boy/girl ratio in the house.

Wednesday our social worker came, who we  have now know for 4 years, and the kids were excited to tell her about there sister. Overall it was a great meeting and we ended the meeting feeling super excited and super motivated to start the dossier!

So its dossier time- for the 3rd time in our lives. Time to start with medical appointments, finger-printing, and getting tons of documents ready! We are excited.



Amazing news- we are heading back to China to become a family of 5!!!

We never imagined our family-building would bring us back to China but we could not be happier to be going back to a country we love and to be in a program that we believe in.

We have fought hard for every one of our children and child #3 is turning out to be the biggest battle.

Keira is almost six years ago and is a smart, loving and funny. She is overall a happy kindergartener who makes us laugh and keeps us smiling all day.  Our journey to Keira was extremely difficult, as she is the product of more rounds of IVF than I would admit but we would not change anything and am so thankful for her.

Connor (age 5) was born in Shanxi, China in March 2011 and became our son on January 2013.  Connor is a super athletic, smart, loving and funny boy. He is real boy-boy who loves everything superhero, fast cars, and sports related. We had a wonderful experience adopting Connor from China and are thankful every day that he is ours. Could not imagine life without him.

We always knew we wanted a big family so it was no surprise when we started talking about a third child after Connor had been home about one-year. We were open to everything but in 2014, we applied to be in a pilot program to Haiti. The next 2 ½ years of were filled more adoption lows than adoption highs but we remained committed to bringing home our little girl (“Nora”) from Haiti. In March 2016, our little Haiti girl (who just turned 3) passed away from dehydration following a bad stomach bug in her orphanage before we could bring her home. We will never forget her (

We knew the next little O’Cathain child was out there but the question was “where was she.” After thinking and talking we decided she is in China. We are so excited to be back in the China program and to watch this journey unfold.

China Special Needs is a relatively smooth program and a welcome change of pace to our difficult 2.5 years in the Haiti program. There are still so many unknowns in International adoption and some additional unknowns are we are transferring our file from Haiti to China-as we are able to bypass some of the waiting times. We are hoping to bring our daughter home before the end of the year! . It has been a bumpy path to her but we know she is out there and cant wait to see her picture and meet her.